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CPR and AED/PAD Training

CAG was originally formed to support the rehabilitation of Guernsey cardiac patients recovering from a heart attack or recent surgery. In recent years as this remit has passed to HSSD, we have extended our provision to include the promotion of life saving CPR* (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the recognition and use of defibrillator devices which are positioned across the island.  Additionally, CAG can provide training for CPR and the use of AEDs/PADs.

CPR & AED/PAD training with CAG
Training and familiarisation with both CPR and defibrillator devices can literally save a life in an emergency situation when time is of the essence.  CAG provide a first aid professional for this purpose, Mike Froome.  Mike can be booked free of charge and is also generally available at our public events. 

Training is most effectively deployed in a group situation and is available to everyone. If you run a community group, work in a school or would like your staff in the workplace to have the benefit of this training, please contact us directly.


*CPR is a series of actions performed on people who have stopped breathing and do not have a pulse.